London City Airport Transfers 

London City Airport is the smallest and most easily accessible airport in London. It is the only airport that lies within the 6-mile radius of central London.

Being the smallest, the arrivals and departures at this airport are quicker and easier than the other larger airports.

This airport caters to both commercial and private flights. However, with only 12 airlines  operating from the airport, one can travel to over 50 destinations.

London City Airport is the only airport in London with a silent departure lounge (no flight announcements).

London City Airport Location:

London City airport is located 9.5km/6 miles from central London.

What’s inside London City Airport?

London City Airport is designed to cater to business travellers. So, one can expect top-notch facilities and par excellence in the service domain.

There is only one terminal referred to as the main terminal in the airport by which the airport operates. The reason behind its single terminal is that the airport handles a small group of airlines.

London City Airport arrivals are on the first floor and London City Airport departures are on the first floor of the terminal as well. 

The waiting area is small in size, but has high-end outlets, and a plethora of shops, bars and cafes.

London City Airport Hotels

As London City Airport is located within the city, the lodging options are wide-ranging fitting every budget. 

Although there aren’t any hotels inside the airport premises, you can find plenty of hotels in the neighborhood of the airport.

The top names among which are Travelodge London City Hotel, Holiday Inn Express, Doubletree by Hilton and Aloft London Excel.

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