Why Heathrow is the best airport for london

As we all know London has many airports, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and London City.

Heathrow has five terminals with a large capacity of passengers moving in and out of the airport constantly, it is a developed airport with two runways. Terminal 5 is the new baby of the pack.

Between the five of them they can pretty much accommodate all the airlines, if one of them is under repair for construction which was (Terminal 2) they can always have the other four in working order to accommodate Heathrow airports need.

Majority of tourist or passengers flying into Heathrow tend to be tourist or business people who come to live or travel in London. Majority of them tend to stay in Kensington or Knightsbridge as it is the central of London and easy to commute to any parts of London.

London Heathrow Airport also provides free trolleys for people who use the airport which is an added bonus if you are passing through.

You don’t have to convert dollars or euros. Heathrow airport is 22 miles from Central London, out of 22 miles you spend 9 miles on the motorway with the speed of 60 miles per hour which is pretty good to get to central London.

Thanks to the congestion charge traffic generally runs smoothly after earl’s court exit which comes in handy for tourist.

London city is the nearest airport to central London in terms of mileage but is deficient in two ways it would need planning permission to grow and in this age of austerity and environmental consciousness it is not likely to grow any further.

It cannot handle large Jumbo jets due to the length of the runway and noise they generate. London city to central London can also be a nightmare for people in cabs or Taxis with lot of traffic and busy roads. There is no Motorway which links both Central London and London city airport.

It is generally good for people with fewer luggage’s and are here to deal with clients and businesses in the financial district. Gatwick is another major airport but distance puts it second place, it has two terminals and one runway, it is not easy to use and major modifications are on the way.

It is more expensive in terms of cab fares and taxi fares to travel to compare to Heathrow airport. If you are travelling to Gatwick airport there is added risk you could miss your flight due to the horrid M25. You never know what’s going to go wrong on this motorway.

Speeding motorist anxious to get to work, truckers dozing off, or continues amount of road work which never ends.

Airlines flying through Gatwick do offer cheaper fares but it boils down to costing you the same amount in cab fares so where is the incentive to travel using Gatwick airport.

Luton airport and Stansted are other two airports which are based outside London but are marketed as London Airports.

You have to use motorways to travel to them and they are quite a distance, if something goes you have had it.

Getting to Kensington from Luton airport is nightmarish as once you have cleared M1 Motorway you could be stuck in the north circular and north circular being a link to IKEA and WEMBLEY is very busy.

Predominantly we have seen that lot of European destinations are flown by Stansted and Luton airport, if you ever travel to see Stansted or Luton you will see lot of people with eastern European accent travelling to and from Europe.

Luton airport charges customers in cars who are dropping their passengers just to drop them,

This article is the view of the author of Airport Minicab Transfer, it’s an independent assessment of all London airports.

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